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The Smart Bed applications turn any internet connected device into a cloud-enabled patient monitor – enabling caregivers to stay in constant touch effortlessly and efficiently with everyone in their care.

Professional caregivers have access to live data from anywhere at anytime for improved patient care.

  • Non-Professional caregivers and family members, whether across the house or across the globe, can monitor their loved one’s real time health trends for added peace of mind.
  • The Smart Bed sensor mat goes under any mattress, nothing touches the body.
  • The Bed Exit Application shows bed exit trends for proactive planning and has a bed exit alarm which sounds from the caregiver’s device… not in their room.
  • The Position Change Application reminds the caregiver to turn the patient and records each turn, providing accurate collaboration between caregivers, and preventing pressure ulcers
  • The Heart Rate and Breathing Rate Trend Application trends vitals for early detection of health issues, improving the caregiver’s ability to quickly gauge the impact of medicine and activity changes or an approaching illness, reducing hospitalization stays

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