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Goodmark Solutions - Smart Bed Services

The Goodmark difference makes your due diligence a simple task.

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Comprehensive Team Approach…….With the ultimate goal of healing wounds and preventing pressure ulcers, Goodmark Solutions employs a multi-disciplinary team approach to help ensure continuity and promote successful treatment so that wounds may heal as quickly as possible. Led by our Director, this team includes experienced specialists, technical experts, clinical educators, and nurse consultants.

Recognizing that every patient has special needs, Solutions are based on individual plans that are developed following thorough assessments by the Goodmark experienced specialists. An extremely important element of our implementation plan is provider education, which promotes successful healing. Families, caregivers, including physicians, and home health agency personnel, if required, are encouraged to join in the education process.

This approach helps open up significant new opportunities for patient care facilities in today’s competitive market. Goodmark offers You an edge by empowering Your caregivers to be able to offer continuous touch-free monitoring solutions focused on patient safety and prevention of bed exit falls, reduction in pressure ulcers (decubitus), early detection of deterioration and readmission rate improvement.

38 Centers, 84 specialty units powered by over 378 Smart Beds... and growing.


Each facility we engage receives a customized delivery “road-map”. This allows our team of specialist to focus on an integrated Solution for your facility that “makes sense” and works with your current processing and procedures.


Goodmark has committed to HIPAA compliance, and we have developed a library of data-secure resources to help our facilities better understand the regulation, take steps to comply, and even leverage secured patient data to achieve compliance and reduce liability.


Our powerful tools aim to help doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers better understand each patient and tailor care to improve health while reducing costs. Analytics allows your facility to assign a probability to future events such as the risk of readmission, the likelihood of pressure ulcer incidents, and then apply the best practices to intervene early and reduce the possibility of future complications and liability.


Goodmark believes that applications which require high degrees of customization and are continuously targeted for upgrades and improvements may not be suitable for fast changing medical environments. The continuous rate of change would prove taxing on the dynamically provisioned, caregiver population management model. Facilities that transform their processes using mobility will achieve new levels of success.

24 / 7 Support

Our highly experienced representatives are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Each member of our service staff has been vigorously trained and are available to service all aspects of the Solution in place at your facility as well as answer any clinical questions that you may have.

Advice From Experienced People

Each project we engage in has provided us new ideas and lessons that can be passed on to you. Our team can help you to think about the questions that are likely to be most effective in your environment leading to a good understanding of your project.

Customized Integrations

Our strong and experienced development team can incorporate the specific needs of your facility and expand our Solution into your environment. Using proven integration steps we can integrate your EHR, PAD or any other application easily and effectively.

Telephone & Email Help Desk

We have a team of people ready to take your calls and respond to your emails during normal business hours if you do happen to get into trouble remembering how to use the software or trying something new.

Operational Expertise

Our teams are known for their unique “hands on” operational approach that allows organizations to maintain their own identity as well as regulatory compliance. Team members are composed of industry leaders with proven success records regarding all facets of organizational operations.

Specialized Training

We believe that a combination of physical interaction coupled with online training is the best way to guarantee success. By retaining the physical face-to-face method of training, both facilities and individual will be able to take more from the experience.

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