Sleep Analysis

Poor sleep has been directly correlated with higher risks of strokes and heart disease. The BAM Labs Sleep Analysis application monitors nightly sleep quality by comparing sleep duration, restlessness, nightly heart rate and breathing rate to long-term trends and medical standards.

A nightly sleep score of 1 (poor) to 100 (best) provides an easy to understand interpretation of sleep quality, so that you can track the impact of medications, lifestyle choices and exercise programs on your sleep quality.

What you see

  • Easy to read sleep dashboard
  • Restful sleep versus total time in bed
  • Nightly heart rate, breathing rate, and motion
  • Sleep diary for tracking changes


  • Modify exercise / therapy for better sleep
  • Change diet for improved sleep
  • Monitor medications for impact on sleep
  • Determine optimal amount of sleep
  • Objective data to quantify quality of sleep