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Position Change - Goodmark Medical™
Position Change

Pressure ulcers are preventable, yet a recent study concluded that on average 16.7% of patients develop pressure ulcers in skilled nursing facilities and hospital patients develop pressure ulcers at an alarming rate. The cost of treating each pressure ulcer in a SNF costs an average of $7,000; in a hospital the cost ranges from $15,000 – 50,000.

Clinicians and caregivers need better tools to help reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers. The BAM Labs Position Change application has been proven to improve recorded position changes by 65.3%, verified position changes by 155.2%, and the amount of time documenting position changes by 40.1% — saving staff 72 seconds per position change, or 90 hours per month in a 100 room SNF.

Scheduled Position Changes 100% Verified

  • Record position changes via iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (or any internet connect device)
  • See the duration since the last position change
  • Receive automated reminders for the next position change
  • Validate position changes and ensure compliance with the standard of care

Significant benefits

  • Helps raise position change awareness for staff
  • Training tool for management to spot opportunities for improvement and compliance
  • Improves efficiency – know precisely when patients need to be repositioned
  • Position changes can be custom scheduled for each patient
  • Closed loop protocol providing accurate position change documentation

Just the Facts


Patients who devolp pressure ulcers in skilled nursing facilities


Improved recorded position changes


Improved "Verified" position


Improved position change documentation