Motion and Bed Exit

11 million Americans over the age of 65 experience a fall each year with 1.6 million ending up in the emergency room for treatment, and each treatment costs an average of $19,600 (source CDC). The BAM Labs Motion and Bed Exit application tracks in and out of bed events and sends an alert to a caregiver’s phone when a person gets out of bed. And, the amplitude of Motion in the bed is presented visually to caregivers prior to a Bed Exit. The caregiver can provide immediate assistance reducing the risk of falling.

Customers using the Motion and Bed Exit application report a 43% reduction in falls from bed.

Anticipate and Quickly React to Bed Exits

  • Visual agitation and motion indicators, and bed exit alerts sent to staff via iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (or any internet connected device)
  • No loud alarms, preventing alarm fatigue
  • Encourages staff to quickly get to a room before a fall occurs
  • Reduce and prevent incontinence events
  • Know when a patient is out of bed and for how long
  • Report on bed exits
  • Analyze bed exit activity
  • Monitor time for rehab