Heart Rate Trends

Our resting heart rate is one indicator of overall health and a predictor of health issues.The BAM Labs Heart Rate monitoring application measures heart rate trends all night, every night while you sleep.

BAM Labs easy to read daily reports are color coded to help you interpret high, low and normal heart rate trends and track long-term trends to proactively identify health issues. See the impact of medications, lifestyle choices and exercise programs on your resting heart rate trends.

Acute care facilities can reduce over-usage of expensive telemetry monitoring that many patients do not need, yet still have access to basic heart rate trending.

  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly heart rate trends
  • Monitor impact of medications on resting heart rate trends
  • Adjust exercise regimen based on resting heart rate trends
  • Modify diet to improve resting heart rate trends
  • Early indicator of stress and depression