Smart Bed Solution Applications

Effortlessly Keeping You In Touch

The Smart Bed Applications turn any internet connected device into a cloud-enabled patient monitor – enabling caregivers to stay in constant touch effortlessly and efficiently with everyone in their care.

Position Change

Pressure ulcers are preventable, yet a recent study concluded that on average 16.7% of patients develop pressure ulcers in skilled nursing facilities and hospitals. Here’s how we improve position changes.

Up & Active

Exercising daily plays a crucial role in the process of healing and recovering from injury or disease. Caregivers can track the duration of time someone is in bed to monitor rehabilitation programs that require daily activity.

Motion & Bed Exit

11 million Americans over the age of 65 experience a fall each year. The BAM Labs Motion and Bed Exit application tracks in and out of bed events and sends an alert to a caregiver’s phone when a person gets out of bed.

Heart Rate Trends

Our resting heart rate is one indicator of overall health and a predictor of health issues.The BAM Labs Heart Rate monitoring application measures heart rate trends all night, every night while you sleep.

Breathing Rate

Medical research suggests that respiratory rate is a marker of pulmonary dysfunction which leads to chronic health conditions. The Smart Bed Breathing Rate monitor measures breathing rate trends all night, every night while you sleep.

Sleep Analysis

Poor sleep has been directly linked to higher risks of strokes and heart disease. The Sleep Analysis application monitors sleep quality. You can track the impact of medications, lifestyle choices and exercise programs based on the quality of sleep.

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