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Goodmark Medical - Smart Technology Smart Solutions

Goodmark Medical
The Mark of Good Healthcare

Goodmark offers you an edge by empowering your facility with the ability to offer continuous touch-free monitoring Solutions focused on patient safety, long term health, and early detection of deterioration and readmission rate improvement.

Smart Bed Technology

Goodmark’s innovative quality management applications powered by BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology® Solution addresses the most pressing care issues, including the reduction of pressure ulcers and patient falls, while improving staff efficiency.

Totally Touch Free

The touch-free sensor located under the mattress continuously detects trends in heart rate and breathing rate, motion and presence. Caregivers and consumers receive health data and alerts on their PC, Mac, or mobile devices such as smartphones, iPod touch and iPads.

Sensor. Cloud. Applications.

Goodmark and BAM Labs partner with leading brands to leverage the patented sensor technology, HIPAA and PCI compliant cloud platform, and proprietary algorithms and applications to turn any bed into a smart bed.

Goodmark Medical™ positively impacts health-care improvement via a “disruptive” business model which positively changes the “point-of-view” of healthcare constituents regarding the use of products or services they deploy.

Using the Smart Bed, healthcare professionals and caregivers can monitor a group of people at all times while performing their daily duties whether in an acute, post-acute, or home health setting. Monitor health data and alerts on your PC or mobile devices.

Goodmark and BAM Labs has increased its total medical business to include access to over 4,500 hospitals and 12,000 long-term healthcare organizations. Find out how our Solutions can help you.

Hundreds of Smart Beds online, countless lives being changed….read for yourself what our customers have to say about Goodmark and our innovative solutions.

Solutions that turn any internet connected device into a cloud-enabled patient monitor – enabling caregivers to stay in constant touch effortlessly and efficiently with everyone in their care.

The Goodmark difference makes your due diligence a simple task. Although the Smart Bed’s manufacturer has several distribution partners, Goodmark has no competitors.

Over 85% Reduction in Pressure Ulcer incidents are possible....download our White Paper today to find out how your Facility can benefit from this Technology.

Goodmark Medical - Empowering Caregivers with Solutions for Your Healthcare Needs

To schedule a DEMO or find out how we can help you reduce pressure ulcers, stay compliant and help increase your quality control while reducing your legal risks, please contact us!

Why Choose Us?

1. Solid Technology that solves problems

Our Technology works with you, not against you! Our Solutions Team will assist in every step of the way from beginning to end. You’re in great hands when you partner with us….Goodmark GUARANTEED!

2. Responsive caring Customer Support

Today’s clinical provider needs new technical skills to care for an
increasingly diverse patient population. Our Customer Service team understands this challenge and we strive to listen carefully and clearly hear your issues.
Our targeted, customized support services focus on your environment and how you work with your patients.

3. Verifiable results and Proven solutions

Heart Rate and Breathing Rate trend-alerts notify you of anomalies to assist in early detection for early intervention of illnesses. Bed Exit trends provide for planned bed exit assists well before your patient attempts to get up alone, all resulting in identifiable and preventive long-term care management.